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Skateland, 125 N. Beltline Drive,
Florence, SC
843-669-ROLL (7655) or 803-530-9543

Skateland is a locally owned and operated family-friendly recreation and entertainment business.  Since 1981 it has been our pleasure to provide the beautiful City of Florence, South Carolina, and the surrounding area a facility dedicated to the enhancement of “Good Clean Family Fun.”


The following rules are a necessary part of that culture. Please be advised that it is not lawfully required for Skateland to list all rules herein and that unwritten rules verbalized at the discretion of Skateland management must also be adhered to by all who enter. The following written rules as well as rules verbalized by management are not debatable nor negotiable:


1.                  South Carolina State Law declares that anyone choosing to roller skate assumes the inherent risk to do so. (See state law posted in lobby).

2.                  In the unlikely event of an accident, please report it to management immediately.

3.                  Patrons must follow written and verbal rules and instructions.

4.                  Management reserves the right to refuse entrance or to ask anyone to leave immediately for any reason at any time.

5.                  Dress code: Enforced at the discretion of management and is non-negotiable. As a family-friendly venue Skateland requires that all individuals entering be dressed in an appropriately modest fashion. At the discretion of management anyone deemed not dressed appropriately must rectify the issue before entering Skateland. No short-shorts, miniskirts, bare midriffs, halter tops, or pants worn below the waistline; no sagging pants. The fingertip rule will apply for shorts and skirts. White t-shirts available here for nominal cost.

6.                  All patrons renting skates must wear socks. Socks available for purchase in Stuff Shop.

7.                  Everyone entering is required to pay admission except for non-skating parents of skaters.

8.                  All personal skates may be inspected for toe stops, clean wheels, missing wheels, etc.

9.                  Management reserves the right to inspect rental lockers, as well as containers brought into the building.

10.              Skateland is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

11.              Individuals wearing skates may not carry children.

12.              No saving seats in the concession area. Management is not responsible for items or food and drinks left unattended--we cannot be responsible for the safety of food and drink left unattended.

13.              No fast or reckless skating, tag playing or skating in a manner dangerous to others. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. (See “duties of skaters and spectators” under state law posted in the lobby).

14.              No sitting on tables or walls.

15.              No food or drink may be brought into building.

16.              No in and out privileges or loitering outside. Anyone who chooses to leave the building must pay to re-enter.

17.              No cell phone use while on the skating floor.

18.              Skates may not be worn outside, including personal skates. Anyone wearing skates into building will be required to allow Skateland to clean their wheels for a fee.

19.              No hoodies.

20.              No smoking (including “new age” smoking devices).

21.              No back packs or large containers except for containers pertaining to parties. All back packs will be confiscated at the door and a fee will be charged to store them.

22.              PHOTO RELEASE STATEMENT: By entering you assign and grant Skateland of Florence, Inc., the right and permission to use and publish photographs/film/video and/or electronic representations made while at Skateland of Florence, Inc., and you hereby release Skateland of Florence, Inc., from any and all liability from such use and publication. You hereby authorize the copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/ video and/or electronic representations without limitation at the discretion

of Skateland of Florence, Inc., and you specifically waive any right to any compensation for the use of said photographs/film/video and/or electronic representations.





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